Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eets: Hunger. It's Emotional coming to Mac OSX

We hinted at the coming of Eets in an earlier development log post. Now we can tell you that Eets. Hunger. It's Emotional is on it's way to the Macintosh. We love this quirkly little platform puzzler and we hope that Macintosh owners will too.

Eets was originally developed by Klei Entertainment for the PC. Later in 2007, Klei developed Eets. Chowdown for the Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade which was well received. Klei have now moved on to some new and exciting titles but it was their wish to see Eets come to the Macintosh. That's where we stepped in. We're now very excited to be part of bringing Eets to a new (and our adored) plaform.

Eets has been described as a homage to some classic games of the past the likes of Lemmings and The Incredible Machine. With it's bright colours and eccentric cast of creatures you quickly find yourself endeared by this title. Players must navigate Eets to the end goal, a "puzzle piece", of each level by using a mix of beasties and contraptions with their own unique abilities and properties. Prankster Whales, Marshomechs, Chocolate Cannons and Radioactive Gingseng all play a part in solving the puzzles preventing Eets from getting where he's going. Food is greatly important to Eets and it directly affects his mood, thereby changing the way Eets will navigate his way through the level. We all agree, Eets is a very hungry animal - although it's not clear what kind of animal he is. At first sight it's not unreasonable to think of him as a dog, but I've seen him described as a tadpole with legs and teeth.

Adding an extra dimension to the title is the inbuilt level builder allowing for user generated content. It adds hours of entertainment to Eets, when you've had your fill of playing through the levels shipped with the game.

Bringing it to the Macintosh has been quite a challenge. It was engineered originally with little expectation of it ever coming to the Macintosh platform. Written directly on top of the Windows API and DirectX we've had to recode large parts of it to run it on the Macintosh; including a total rewrite of the graphics code to make use of Open GL. It's coming along nicely with the game almost playable (see very early development screenshot below).

The big things left remaining to address on the Macintosh version of Eets are sound and some control issues. We're pretty confident the majority of the really heavy lifting has been done and progress from this point on will be straight forward (touch wood).

We'll keep you posted on progress as we get closer to releasing this fantastic title for the Macintosh.

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